The masked singer was asked Nicholas Tse to sing don’t shake off days

"The masked singer was asked Nicholas Tse to sing" don’t shake off days? "Reindeer" guess answer jury problem in video broke, "masked sing there was a sudden guess" in the recording process, will sing "Santa Claus reindeer not at home" and guess the jury with words, shake off. In fact, she sings in the process, everyone agreed that this person is likely to be after Faye Wong. So guess the jury around her emotional questions. They are all "don’t know", "has nothing to do with you such a high cold answer, more unexpected is that when it comes to" Xie "," reindeer "actually directly leave, so everyone in an uproar, but after the deity, how would be angry at such a problem? In fact, earlier on the network, Faye Wong joined the masked singing will be on the voice of one after another, but the rational users still believe that days after joining the possibility is too low. Popular guest list, official micro picture, it seems that all users can not convince. But the intuitive feeling is not false, just last week in the process of recording, singing "Santa in reindeer" from the sound and not much difference between Faye Wong, this is a direct result of the guess jury questions in some specific questions. Momoco Tao implicitly asked: "have you ever been in love?" The answer is: "it’s not about music." But guess the jury did not give up, "is the" love "and the boyfriend who sing nicely" a stampede in problems but are, "reindeer" and the words "what’s up to you" all dismissed. "Reindeer" as everyone knows Faye Wong’s character and her singing, clean, ethereal, focus on their own to do their own music, rarely influenced by various factors outside. Love genzhaoganjiaozou she often said "don’t know" such words, love is not love to say "yes", say "no", so it seems on the stage of "reindeer" performance really wonderful and Faye Wong have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. More surprisingly, the Effie two asked: "if Xie proposed to you, would you?" After the "reindeer" has turned toward the background, shake off. Hear "Xie" can have such a large response coupled with her showing Ganaiganhen, its attitude, it was impossible not to think he is Faye Wong himself.相关的主题文章: