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The more open and more meat, the most complete reason, please add! Sohu – car friends, with joy when you bought a car, 1.6L naturally aspirated engine car, think that the power for the home from work is enough to use it, we may avoid the "high speed air conditioning car will become the meat" don’t talk about this episode. But when the time is long, you find that you do not open air conditioning and normal driving state, the power of the car has become very weak, do not doubt that they are old, in fact, they are sick. The doctor diagnosed a: three waycatalytic damage if three waycatalytic damage, second oxygen sensors on it will fail to provide the data to the computer running, so the concentration of the mixed gas will be too thin or too thick. We all know that each car has a fixed air-fuel ratio, engine fuel injection quantity to control according to how much the air intake, now driving computer judgment, such a situation will cause the air much less fuel, had enough to eat, where the dry strength to live oh! The doctor diagnosed two: the lack of engine cylinder engine misfiring engine mainly refers to one or more of the cylinder is not working properly, now on the market most cars use is the inline four cylinder engine, as the saying goes, the more power, four people have been doing well, now one less sure not be able to play. So straight out of the six cylinder, the other brother of the six, even if one less, although there is an impact, but better than the four cylinder missing cylinder. As for the single cylinder engine of the motorcycle misfiring, don’t think about it, is really the GG. The doctor diagnosed three: the formation of carbon carbon automobile is mainly because of the traffic jam, stop and go, the car long time idling speed or gasoline are impurities will have lead to the aggravation of carbon deposition. The main products are valve, combustion chamber carbon and intake manifold. Carbon deposition will have a direct impact on the normal operation of the engine, resulting in weak power, accelerate undesirable phenomena. The doctor diagnosed four: misfuel note, I said here is the wrong oil, gasoline label wrong, not gasoline diesel car (the power is more than meat, is a direct result of GG). If your car is 97 plus gasoline, then you one day plus 93 gasoline (Taiyutairou, suddenly turned into a white Steamed Buns) it also can not stand the. The doctor diagnosed five: burning oil when you found the car more and more meat, and the exhaust also emit blue smoke, there is no doubt that the burning oil of cars, this is really cure disease! These are some of the common causes, such as air flow damage, tire problems and fuel supply system problems are likely to lead to the more open the meat. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: