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The "red carpet" intensified Deric Wan Li Fengming Qi – Sohu Sun Entertainment Film Festival invitation scene photos by Jin Yuan, Deric Wan, Li Fengming photo Sohu entertainment news recently, the film festival "red carpet" incident made the raise a Babel of criticism of intensified, involved in the whirlpool of Deric Wan, Li Fengming two people, not only to get the invitation clarification. It is in micro-blog’s media coverage are every act and every move has become a hot spot. Self rating with irony copywriting claimed that William Feng as actor candidate in to visit the Golden Rooster hundred flowers award on the red carpet, headed by Deric Wan three independent actors in a variety of Qiangjing before POSE occlusion, but also really want to say abusable idol Fan Wen face God ". In Deric Wan, after the incident in response to both Li Fengming, over a hundred media coverage of the truth, to audio-visual. As a network of frequent victims of violence entertainment, not all people have been accepted by the so-called black fire more attention. The "red carpet" incident not only caused Deric Wan and Li Fengming fans angry, also let a lot of netizens to denounce the network violence in the ranks, the topic "Li Fengming Deric Wan the red carpet door is also hot into the topic list, the amount of reading up to about 10000000. In some entertainment commentary and denounced against malicious behavior artificial Bo eye making event at the same time, "resolutely resist network violence", "please have a pure network" view has also been forwarded and points like everyone crazy.相关的主题文章: