The teacher encouraged the students to snitch people Tucao someone to understand

The teacher encouraged the students to snitch people Tucao people understand "teacher, classmates playing a dangerous action", "teacher, classmates speak in class"…… The new semester, the class "snitch" child suddenly increased. Recently, a teacher encourages students to "snitch" post caused many parents tucao. Post said the parents, daughter is a freshman, the class teacher and the class discipline to learn very tight, specially formulated the "reward system", to encourage students to report violations of discipline behavior between. The report by the whistleblower reward, punishment. Parents questioned, the whistleblower also should be punished, but the teacher rewards "snitch", what kind of atmosphere will cause the class? This approach is worth advocating? The teachers are not consistent with the views of "I don’t agree with the teacher encourages students to" snitch "approach, no matter what students fault, this approach is not conducive to teaching management." The fifth grade primary school Hanxiang teacher Wu said, this phenomenon is particularly common in the primary school stage. From 30 years of teaching in a middle school teacher teacher Zhou Hai also believes that never encourage or support the child "snitch", or even serious discipline in the classroom teaching management the need. Mr. Zhou said, students are at puberty, sensitive, self protection consciousness is very strong, once encouraged "snitch" behavior, bad treatment often intensified the contradiction between the classmate, and may have unpredictable consequences. "These kids have different attitudes." Miss Zhou bluntly, promising to discuss the teacher love, each other between contending, also hope to provoke teachers — on the teacher, let the students know the difference between "snitch" and "report", the objective analysis of treatment, to help children learn to communicate, it is important to improve the ability of solving problems. Chen, a junior high school teacher in charge of a different view. "This punishment is not heavy, but also to grasp the dynamic information of students." Chen believes that the starting point for making the reward and penalty system is good, students can start mutual supervision, after all, the teacher can’t fully understand the performance of the students, this is not a bad thing for serious discipline. The reason why such a view, Chen explained that after entering the junior high school students, learning more nervous, improve learning efficiency to avoid unnecessary interference. In particular, the child into the rebellious period of youth, the character will be multi-faceted. A number of sources of information, to remind teachers do not make mistakes, in order to strengthen the management of the class. Parents worry about encouraging "snitch" effect of moral education in the teachers interviewed, some teachers think that the "reward system" is conducive to teaching management, but other teachers and parents do not agree with. "Parents of WeChat group, often see parents Tucao child was a snitch." Ms. Li said, son of the second grade primary school student Allison, Yu Hanxiang once, because the table Allison rubber and thrown to the ground, Allison will hand to the table, the child was beaten on the whereabouts of the teacher "". Ms. Lee felt that although the son was criticized by the teacher, but the same table the child’s own interests are violated, to Old Tong相关的主题文章: