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Health Mahendra Trivedi is a spiritual master beyond .pare and has created the Trivedi Effect. The best part of this technique of energy transmissions is that it has not been learnt from anyone else. It is a unique system created on the basis of the fact that Trivedi was born with the ability to channelize the universal life force energy. He uses the power of his thoughts in order to channelize this energy. This life force energy in turn impacts humans, other living beings and even non living matter in a positive manner. The human body is surrounded by an electromag.ic field of energy called the aura in terms of spiritual healing. The experiences we have in our lives have an impact on this aura. Negative experiences cause obstruction in the flow of free energy in the aura and this causes many problems in the health and other wellbeing of individuals. Even the physical and mental ailments manifest themselves in this aura before being permeated to the physical level. The energy transmissions given by Trivedi and his group of healers are able to remove these energy blockages in the aura and infuse it with positive energy. This in turn eradicates the physical and mental ailments that people might be suffering from. Even material and emotional problems can be solved with this method of energy healing. Many cynical scientific minds argue that these benefits derived by people are merely a placebo effect. They do not even go by the Trivedi Effect reviews which give statements of people who have been relieved of incurable and chronic ailments like asthma, arthritis, bipolar disorder depression etc. for which modern medicine did not have any answer. These negative voices were silenced by the result of more than 4000 scientific experiments which astonished the scientists who had firm beliefs in the modern scientific theories. The results of these experiments challenged these very established and popular scientific theories. For instance the fact that the energy transmission given by Trivedi Guruji and the other healers working with him could change the DNA structure of plants and bacteria, challenged the popular theory of evolution. According to this theory the change in the DNA structure only happens very slowly over several generations. However, with the energy transmissions given by Trivedi, this change was instantaneous and it was also consistent over several generations. Moreover, in experiments conducted by two of the most reputed agricultural institutes in India, it was found that the Trivedi Effect phenomenon could enhance the yield of crops by more than 500% and that too without using any artificial fertilizers. Moreover, the immunity of crops was enhanced by 600% without the use of any pesticides. Trivedi has helped many entrepreneurs in enhancing their production in their fields and the cashew nut production project in Maharashtra, India is a good example of this fact. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: