The whole demand report Shanghai deep weak and strong index sideways t420s

The whole demand report: Shanghai deep weak and strong index sideways Zhongzheng Wang news (reporter Ge Chunhui) 28 afternoon, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, the continuation of the overall sideways pattern, plate, stocks rose more or less. As of 14:00, the stock index in the financial sector under the escort of strong gains across the board, the performance of the stock in Shenzhen is relatively weak, but the decline narrowed slightly compared with the morning closing. As of 14:00, the Shanghai composite index reported 3114.57 points, up 0.06%; Shenzhen stock index reported 10773.61 points, down 0.14%; gem index reported 2179.15 points, down 0.15%. Industry sector, the majority of CITIC industry index fell. Among them, non bank financial, banking, coal, household appliances, media, real estate and a few blocks up; steel, construction, comprehensive, catering and tourism, basic chemicals, light manufacturing sector led other industry index. Concept plate, the WIND concept index fell. Among them, the block chain, the revitalization of Tibet, poverty alleviation, super capacitor, Internet marketing concept rose slightly; the transfer of equity, debt, food safety, the new board, the northern Gulf FTA and PM2.5 concept decliners. The external market, the Asia Pacific stock markets today, the overall weak shock. Wind information data show that as of 14:00, the Nikkei 225 index rose by 0.66%, the South Korean composite index fell by 0.31%, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell by 0.72%. Source of investment adviser believes that the current market volatility seems to spiral out of a disc in the box adds another box up trend is still quite robust. Double support plus 10 day moving average and the 3100 point mark integer index, for the success of the upside power, which indicates that the market is still maintained a strong consolidation trend, the short term is expected to go to attack before the high point of 3140. Investors are advised to avoid the operation of the recent rise in stocks too high. You can focus on three directions: the first is the three quarterly performance than expected; the annual transfer potential of the "three high"; third is involved in the transfer of equity, such as asset restructuring placards, Zhaimao expected targets.相关的主题文章: