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Exercise Tinley Park Family Fitness Center Hi! I’m Steve Tomczak, the owner of Body Tech Total Fitness located near Tinley Park. Thank you for stopping by and checking this out. I have something really special that I’d like to give it to you up but first, let me quickly tell to you about my background. Do you offer babysitting services? Yes we do have babysitting services. Our services are for kid’s ages six weeks of age all the way up to eleven years of age. We have excellent facilities for that about a thousand square foot room. We have, all of our sitters are infant and CPR certified to handle any type of situation that you have. Most of our baby sitters that we have here have been with us for the time that we’ve been here. Most of them are our mothers which are very comforting to the parents. They have children in their own so they know how to handle the kids. But we have very little turn-over when it comes to our baby sitters. So, that is once again very comforting between the slides that we have behind us here, the Nintendo Wii, to anything in between to be able to accommodate all ages. Our hours are going to be Monday to Friday 8 to 12 and then 4 to 8 in the evening. And on Saturday, it’s 8 to 12 and then, we are close on Sundays. Another thing I’d like to add is on our personal viewing television screens, in front of our cardio, we do have a channel that you can tune in and actually, watch the kids in the room. And it makes a little safer and a little bit more careful, of course the parents can watch the kid and make sure that they are safe. It’s a little more comforting for the parents when they can do that. Our prices for the child facilities are separate on our membership. You have some options. If it’s one child, you can get unlimited use pass for a month. That’s twenty dollars. For two or more children, that’s going to be twenty five dollars. Once again, that’s unlimited used for a month. Or if you’d like to do pay-per visit, you can do that. Pay per visit is going to be three dollars for one child and one dollar for each additional child. Now, what I’d like you to do is go to .BodyTechTotalFitness../FREE and see how you can get more free information and a free pass through our facility. Tinley Park Family Fitness Center Body Tech Total Fitness 19815 S. LaGrange Rd Mokena, IL 60448 (708) 478- 5054 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: