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Exercise Maybe you have already come to the conclusion that while its nice to gather all the free info on the web, the depth and quality of the info is no where close to what is found in most books. The old adage You get what you pay for definitely applies here. This holds true for just about every subject out there, and muscle building work out programs are no different. But even after you have decided to purchase the highest quality info, it is hard to know how to find the best muscle building work out program. I will give you some guidelines in a minute, but first I want to discuss how NOT to find the best program. Most people begin their search with cost. Now I understand that almost everyone has to work within a certain budget. But it still amazes me when I see people choose terrible training programs just because they are cheaper. This alone is not that odd, but what is odd is that these same people then go and spend hundreds of dollars on useless supplements or pieces of exercise equipment. Or worse yet, they waste money on something not even related to their goals. Why not spend your hard-earned cash on something with guaranteed results? My thought-process when purchasing anything is to look for the highest-quality product and then work backwards from there if the price is too much. In this way I make sure that I only purchase one quality product that will give me results, not many inferior products that wont give me what I want. Its no different than buying a car. If you purchase a quality car from the beginning, then youll pay less over the long-run because you wont need as many repairs and your car will last longer. With that in mind, here are the big three rules that should be used when evaluating work out programs: 1. Science Your body functions under the laws of science, so it would be helpful to have a book that completely explains these laws on easy to understand writing. Because these laws hold true for everyone, it makes sense that a program designed with science in mind will work to at least some extent for everyone. 2. Results The whole reason you purchase a work out program is for the results. There are two things you should look for that indicate the quality of the results. The first is a money-back guarantee. No matter how excellent you think the program is you always want the option of getting your money back. The second is the experience of the author. Is it someone who has actually trained other people? Or is it simply a self-proclaimed expert? 3. Usability The most common reason that people stop training is that it becomes too difficult to get the results they want. So naturally, you want a training program that is easy to get results with. To insure this it is paramount that there is a good support system set-up. Before purchasing, test out the customer service. Is it quick? Is someone qualified answering your questions or are your technical questions outsourced to a clueless customer service rep? Use these criteria and dont get caught-up in the marketing hype of muscle building training programs. The hype wont give you results, a good program will. Also, keep in mind that simply reading about these programs wont give you results. You actually have to try a program for a month or so to evaluate it. Dont suffer from paralysis by analysis whereby you make no decision at all because you are too caught up in comparing programs. Take action today if you are serious about achieving your goals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: