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UnCategorized SEO services provide on-page as well as off-page optimization of your pages. Either an article or webpage content is written for you, its title tag is one of the most important factors to be optimized to help your search engine ranking. What’s a Good Title Tag? A useful title tag is the one that both your readers and search engines take benefit from. To create such title tags, SEO services should write a title tag that has got particular features. Here are the ten important points to remember: 1. Title Tags must be really related to the page content. They shouldn’t be written only to attract visitors and eventually make them disappointed due to the lack of relevancy. 2. A Good title is the one that uses a few words to explain the whole page. The ideal way is to express a lot in a short phrase or sentence that states the most important point suggested at that page. 3. It must be unique. SEO service providers should pay attention to the fact that the title tags they assign to the pages of a website shouldn’t be a repetition of other pages’. Also in writing articles or press releases, care should be taken not to copy other article’s titles. 4. It must be catchy and difficult to resist. When people read it, they should feel strongly attracted to it to the point that they couldn’t simply walk away from it. It should draw readers toward clicking on it. 5. A proper title is descriptive. Some mention very general words or stuff it with keywords. The content will be easily sacrificed if you don’t describe it in a proper manner. People should get some ideas before they decide to read your content. 6. It should be appropriately keyword-rich. Again, I must stress that stuffing your title with keywords wouldn’t help much. Instead try to use your keywords as it is and close to the beginning of the phrase and use short phrases. 7. It should be grammatically correct. Some ignore or pay little attention to this significantly essential factor. You lose your credibility among your readers if your words don’t .ply with grammatical rules. 8. The spelling of all words within it must be correct. As people read it, they should not find any mistakes in the spelling of the words you’ve used. Otherwise, you will lose your authority. 9. It must be in accordance with Title Case rule. There’s a specific capitalization rule observed here. To introduce yourself as professional in what you’re publishing, you should observe it. 10. It should be positioned within its title tag code. In the source code of the webpage, there’s a header and this tag should be within its own tag and at the first line of the head section. Time to Take Action Once you observe the above 10 points while writing your titles, search engines will rank you higher and readers will read your content more. It may look a bit hard first, but one will master it automatically as it’s done a few times. It’s much better to start today and make positive differences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: