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Typhoon day, Xiamen people filling patterns, a washing machine to hold 10 liters of water for 27 days, the typhoon "catfish" approach, not only to the food market, supermarket water leafy vegetables become public hoarding goods, but also a "water storage" wind". "Meranti" caused blackouts and water, let everyone on the "catfish" dare not underestimated. All kinds of water?? home lake Regency Mr. Huang, 27 days before go to work with convenient washing machine at home with 10 litres of water. "Washing machines have large inner barrels, which are more convenient for storing water than ordinary buckets.". When the last typhoon came, our family spent the day off the water by washing water from a washing machine and two buckets." Mr Wong told reporters that although the "catfish" is not know "Meranti" so fierce, but prepared against want can be more at ease. ? "that once moranti struck, Chen home didn’t have water," having lived in Xiamen for many years, have not encountered a typhoon days without water, thus suffered". This time, her early in the canteen to buy 6 large bottles of mineral water, and use the home pots and pans reserves a lot of tap water, to prevent water and inconvenience. In addition, Ms. Chen also reserved an empty bucket, used to hold rainwater, "rainwater can be used to flush the toilet, it is also environmentally friendly reuse.". The water used to wash vegetables can be used to mop the floor. After the typhoon, I also mastered some water saving tricks". 27 days, the water is a small peak? 27, due to low water pressure caused by slow water supply, but also some people panic, but fortunately did not stop the water. Reporters learned from the water group, the "catfish" transit, water group in order to protect the residents living water, from raw water scheduling, water plant water to the network inspection, repair team and so on have made full preparations. ? September 27th day, water group all have increased the water water system, in order to cope with the possible peak water; in key facilities, each water supply area of the weak parts, water group arrange to 24 hours on duty; in order to ensure the safety of equipment, water group ahead of the organization of professional and technical forces on cable, electrical and mechanical equipment, production equipment and facilities to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and the inspection of water supply pumping station, water supply network, water supply facilities and equipment. According to the data, the public water storage peak appeared in 27 days from 18 to 28, 0, the city’s water supply 432583 tons, more than the other days at the same time more than 9800 tons. Small peak appeared in 27 days after 20, the city has a transient pressure fluctuations, mainly due to the residents and unit users centralized storage. In addition, some areas of the island have water supply for the water supply plant, and the temporary water pressure fluctuation occurs in the area responsible for it. The water supply is also caused by the large number of concentrated water storage of the users. Therefore, the water plant has increased the water supply.

台风天厦门人蓄水花样百出 一台洗衣机蓄10升水   27日,台风“鲇鱼”的逼近,不仅让各菜场、超市的水叶菜成为市民争相囤积的物品,还刮起了“储水风”。“莫兰蒂”带来大面积停电、停水,让大家对“鲇鱼”不敢小觑。   ?  储水方式五花八门   ?  家住湖明丽景的黄先生,27日出门上班前便利用家里的洗衣机蓄了10升水。“洗衣机内筒容量大,用来蓄水比普通的水桶更方便。上次台风来,我们家就靠着洗衣机及两个水桶蓄下来的水,度过了一天的断水期。”黄先生告诉记者,虽然知道“鲇鱼”来势没有“莫兰蒂”那么凶,但有备无患才能更安心。   ?  “莫兰蒂”来袭的那一次,市民陈女士家里没有备水,“在厦门住了这么多年,没遇到过台风天停水,因而吃了大亏”。这一回,她提前在小卖部买了6大瓶矿泉水,并利用家中的锅碗瓢盆储备了很多自来水,以防停水带来不便。此外,陈女士还预留了一个空桶,用来盛接雨水,“雨水可以用来冲洗马桶,也算环保再利用了。洗菜用的水可以用来拖地,经历了台风,我也掌握了一些省水窍门”。   ?  27日现用水小高峰   ?  27日,因水压低造成自来水出水慢,也让部分市民有些惊慌,所幸并未停水。   ?  记者从水务集团了解到,此次“鲇鱼”过境,水务集团为保障居民生活用水,从原水调度、水厂制水到管网巡查、抢修队伍等方面都做了充分准备。   ?  9月27日白天,水务集团所有制水厂都加大了制水量,以应对可能出现的用水高峰;在各供水区域的重点设施、薄弱部位,水务集团安排专人24小时值守;为了确保生产设备安全运行,水务集团提前组织专业技术力量对电缆线路、机电设备、生产设备设施进行全面巡查,并对供水泵站、供水管网、供水设施设备进行巡检。   ?  根据数据,市民储水高峰出现在27日18时到28日0时,全市供水量432583吨,比其他日子同时段多出近9800吨。小高峰出现在27日20时以后,全市出现短暂的压力波动,主要是由于居民和单位用户集中储水。此外,岛内有部分区域为安兜水厂供水,其所负责的区域也出现了暂时性水压波动,亦是由于用户大量集中储水造成的,为此该水厂也加大了供水力度。相关的主题文章: