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U.S. media: China is trying to deliberately lose false lawsuit to shift to overseas capital – Sohu News Reference News Network February 19 reported according to the "Wall Street journal" website reported on February 16th, the United States Attorney Dan? Harris said at least one China companies are trying to adopt a new way to deal with Beijing continue to strengthen the capital control system the counterfeit and an offshore entity breach of contract lawsuit. This Chinese enterprise deliberately "losing" the lawsuit. Reported that, in addition to the business related payments and other excusable circumstances, China restricts its residents can remit fifty thousand dollars each year overseas. With the downturn in the economy and the pressure on the renminbi, a large number of capital are scrambling to leave the country, Beijing has stepped up the regulatory review of all the funds to try to leave. A regulator of the Bank of China said in an interview last month that the strengthening of the regulation includes convening all bank branch managers to the training meeting to highlight the urgency of such scrutiny. But China’s experience usually proves that money will find a way to go where it wants to go. On the Chinese Law blog of Harris &, Harris & and Moure, Seattle based Law Corporation, Mr. Harris described in detail a conversation with a consultant from a Chinese enterprise in a blog published on 14. The consultant call is to ask Harris to help the company & Morey deliberately lost China enterprise together fake breach of contract lawsuit, litigation will lead to lose $3 million 500 thousand of the company, after the company will China the money remitted to the United states. In fact, the money will be paid to entities that are located in the United States and controlled by the Chinese company, the report said. Mr. Harris said in an interview that the Chinese owned manufacturer wanted to do such a fake arbitration instead of forging a simple legal mediation, because it wanted to convince the government regulators closely reviewing overseas remittances. He said in a telephone interview: "the arbitration goes so fast that they can do it convincingly within three months."." Mr. Harris said, he in the past two week received the call, which he has so far received the first, and only with such things. He said he changed the identity of the consultant mentioned in his blog – the consultant was a westerner, but not an Australian – to protect the identity of the person involved. Mr. Harris has the expertise to do business with China, according to reports. He founded Harris & Daryl Morey, which has offices in Beijing, Qingdao, Poland, Las Vegas, Garth and Chicago. Mr. Harris said he refused the adviser’s proposal because it was immoral. It is not clear whether this approach has an impact on Chinese companies. The feedback from Mr. Harris showed that he had heard only another similar situation. Reports say companies are still calling for more traditional ways of getting capital out of china. Mr. Harris said that China’s real estate enterprises still call his public.

美媒:有中企试图故意输假官司以向境外转移资本-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月19日报道 据美国《华尔街日报》网站2月16日报道,美国律师丹?哈里斯说,至少一家中国企业正在试图采取一种新的方式应对北京不断加强的资本管制制度:通过伪造与一家离岸实体的违约诉讼,这家中国企业故意“输掉”这起诉讼。   报道称,除了与生意有关的付款等少数情有可原的情况以外,中国限制其居民每年能向海外汇款五万美元。随着低迷的经济以及对人民币的压力引发大量资本争相离开该国,北京已经加强了对所有试图离开的资金的监管审查。中国银行的一名管理人员上个月在接受媒体采访时称,加强了的监管包括将所有银行分行经理召集至培训会议上,以强调此类审查的紧迫性。   但中国的经验通常证明,资金将找到一种方式流向其想去的地方。在总部位于西雅图的法律公司哈里斯&莫雷公司(Harris & Moure)的中国法律博客上,哈里斯先生在14日发布的一篇博文中详细叙述了他与一家中国企业的顾问的谈话。这名顾问打电话来主要是为了要求哈里斯&莫雷公司帮助这家中国企业故意输掉一起假的违约诉讼,输掉诉讼将导致这家公司支付350万美元,这家中国公司之后将把这笔资金汇至美国。   报道称,事实上,这笔资金将被付给位于美国并由这家中国公司控制的实体。   哈里斯先生在接受媒体采访时称,这家私有中国制造企业希望进行这样假的仲裁,而不是伪造简单的法律调解,因为它想让密切审查境外汇款的政府监管者感到信服。   他在接受电话采访时称:“仲裁进行得很快,因此他们能够在三个月之内令人信服地完成此事。”   哈里斯先生称,他在过去两周接到这通电话,而这也是他目前为止接到的第一起,也是唯一一起此类事情。他说,他在自己的博文中改变了提到的这名顾问的身份――这名顾问是一个西方人,但并非澳大利亚人――以保护所涉人员的身份。   报道称,哈里斯先生具备与中国做生意的专业知识。他成立了哈里斯&莫雷公司,该公司在北京、青岛、波兰、拉斯韦加斯以及芝加哥设有办事处。   哈里斯先生称,他拒绝了这名顾问的提议,因为这是不道德的。尚不清楚这种方式目前是否在中国企业中产生影响。哈里斯先生得到的坊间反馈表明,他听说过的只有另外一起相似的情况。   报道称,仍然不断有企业打来电话寻求资本流出中国的更加传统的方式。哈里斯先生说,中国的房地产企业仍然致电他的公司,询问如何将资金转移出中国的方法。相关的主题文章: