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Wellness is a popular term these days and a variety of wellness centers are springing up through out America. This is a good thing even if many are limited in scope. I say this because America is not well. Amazing revelations Did you know that the World Health Organization doesnt even rank America in the top 20 countries for over all quality of health? America is not ranked in the top 10 countries for longevity. One in three Americans will contract either heart disease or cancer by age 60. Diabetes and obesity are increasing at epidemic proportions, chronic fatigue is the number health concern that people search for on the internet. New studies have shown that now the leading cause of death in America is from the medical intervention patients receive in hospitals, plus infections contracted while in the hospital and from over use of prescription and over the counter drugs. So yes I think we can safely say America is not well and a new culture of wellness is sorely needed. Real Wellness Defined Wellness should not be considered merely a state of not being sick. My definition of wellness is having a feeling of well being in mind, body and spirit. It is having a fit, energetic body/mind, free of disease. Total wellness is also enjoying a high level of emotional and social well being. In other words, true wellness is feeling good about every aspect of your life. A Real Wellness Program A complete program is one that not only helps you to regain and maintain good health, it teaches a lifestyle that prevents illness and creates a high level of well being. The first critical thing to understand about wellness is that it is each persons responsibility to create wellness. No program and no one else can do it for you. Neither the government nor your health care system (which is really a disease care system) can keep you well, as proven by the above mentioned facts. It is also essential to know that a wellness program is just a guide to get you on the right track. We all have to discover what lifestyle adjustments are personally needed and then take the appropriate action to achieve our goals. Why is a Wellness Program So Important? Having lots of energy and good health are the foundation for being optimally successful in whatever you want to do in your life. They are the essential ingredients for achieving your goals and for enjoying your life to the max. And of course when you are successful you want to live as long as possible in order to make the greatest contribution as possible and to enjoy your successes. In fact my definition of wellness is the definition of living a highly successful and enjoyable life. The first and most important aspect of a total wellness program is the spiritual component. I have found that the main reason people have a difficult time sticking to an exercise and diet plan is because they arent really connected to their spiritual side. They arent really clear about what their life is all about and what their life purpose is. In this state of mind it is difficult to stay motivated to create good health. We all need a base of core beliefs and values from which to operate from. When we are clear on our path it makes it easier to make life decisions. There are many great teachers and books available on the subject of spirituality. Do some research on the internet to discover ones that appeal to you. I also highly recommend finding a spiritual mentor/coach or join a study group. Its up to you to create an emotional/mental state of well being. The second component is to educate yourself on how to best care for your physical body. Once again there is an abundance of knowledge on this subject, one just has to seek it out and put it into daily practice. If possible get help from qualified professionals such as: Naturopathic doctors, holistic MDs, nutritionists, personal trainers and energy workers and healers. I have recently created a new resource wellness web site: www.WeAllMakeADifference.com. This is a good starting place to find books, programs and consultants for creating wellness and personal and global transformation. You will also find information about my new online Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program. Creating wellness is not just a personal thing. As you become the best that you can be you are contributing to making the world a better place. We are all part the whole, as we improve so does the whole. The Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program is an extension of the mind/body program offered in my book Ageless Living, with more detailed information on implementing the mental/emotional, physical and nutritional components of the About the Author: Rico Caveglia is the creator of ‘The Ageless Living Lifestyle’. He is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author, speaker, workshop leader, inventor, life coach, Wellness Expert at selfgrowth.com and California State Senior Olympics Gold Medalist. He is the author of ‘Ageless Living, The Real Food Real Fast Lifetime Eating Plan, The F.U.N. Program and The Real Heath Real Fast Wellness Program’. His private training programs and workshops educate and inspire people to develop their own Ageless Living Lifestyles. Rico is available for speaking, consulting and private training. www.AgelessLivingLifestyle.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Nutrition 相关的主题文章: