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Internet-Marketing The advantage of SEO is increased page rank and more visitors to a site. The issues that are associated with SEO are generally related to unscrupulous businesses that aim to take peoples money and promise much more in return than they can actually offer. One challenge with SEO is the fine line between search engine optimization and spamming. The SEO techniques described in this book are legitimate practices and readers are encouraged to use these practices in a responsible way. There are some techniques, however, that can constitute spamming. Problems can arise if webmasters use spamming techniques without actually knowing what they are. Spam is a term generally used to describe unsolicited and unwanted email. The use of the term has grown to include any kind of advertising that is unwanted, disruptive, and underhanded in some way. For example, spam websites are websites that use shady tricks in order to draw a visitors attention to their site so that the visitor sees their obtrusive advertising, but doesnt get anything in return, like good content. The worst sites use a large number of popup windows, pop under windows, or even install programs onto the visitors .puter without his or her knowledge, all with the intention of bombarding the visitor with even more advertising. Not only are these sites annoying, they ruin the experience for the user who wants content, not ads. This is why especially shady spam sites are often removed from search engine databases altogether. Another problem is the number of .panies that want to scam web designers out of money by promising these .panies SEO services. Sometimes they dont deliver an acceptable product, if they deliver one at all. Sometimes they simply offer spamming techniques as a solution. Some make wild promises that they simply cannot keep or guarantee. SEO isnt free. Much like advertising, SEO costs web designers. If a .pany isnt paying for an SEO consultant to optimize its page, the .pany must take the time to learn and implement all these techniques themselves, which can be costly as well. Some .panies simply dont have the time or resources they need to adequately update their page for search engine optimization. Clearpath Technology is owned and managed by a team of experienced search engine optimizers, internet marketing experts, web developers and designers. Clearpath Technology provide the best Internet marketing services found anywhere and we build reliable, innovative software to .plement your marketing and business initiatives. Clearpath Technology is a SEO firm based out in New Delhi, India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: