What is the Buddhist Bashi antik

Buddhism in the "Bashi" is what all beings, every QiXinDongNian, or language behavior, will result in a species, the seeds were not reported at all hidden in the Alaya consciousness before all beings, every QiXinDongNian, or language behavior, will result in a product, this the seeds were not reported before are hidden in the eighth consciousness, so this knowledge there can be hidden meaning. The Buddhist Dharmalaksana in the "eight king heart" refers to the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, at the end of the store. 1, eye recognition: our eyes can see all kinds of things, is the function of the eye. Note that the eye can only see, but not separately; if you are to distinguish between this book, that is a pen, which is already in the role of consciousness. 2, ear recognition: the ear has the function of hearing, the same ear only has the function of hearing, but will not distinguish between the sound of the flute, that is the sound of the trumpet. A distinction is the role of consciousness. 3, nose: nose has a sense of smell, but it also has a sense of smell, a distinction between odor, it is already in the role of consciousness. 4, the tongue: tongue with taste, it also has only the function of taste, a distinction between sweet and salty, it is already in the role of consciousness. 5, the body: the body has the function of touch. The first five are the consciousness and the concrete object. 6, consciousness: consciousness is the sixth consciousness, with the function of understanding abstract concepts. In the first five knowledge, there is a consciousness, and consciousness is also at the same time. In addition, the awareness of the internal and external environment, regardless of physical and intangible, and the past and now the future of the third, there is more than the knowledge, the role of speculation. Therefore, the realization of the rise of the industry, are made of consciousness. Now psychology, the study of the first six knowledge. But in the Dharma analysis, as well as seventh, eighth — seventh and eighth consciousness exists. At the end of 7, the end of the knowledge: is the Sanskrit transliteration of the manas. The last consciousness is the root of consciousness, and its essence is constant consideration. Because it is grasping the eighth consciousness (general Araye) see points or seeds for me, the students’ consciousness of self consciousness, the modelsconsciousness also known as "I know". This is basically a function of my own, and thus the root cause of trouble. The concrete manifestation of the ego, the life of my future in the past now thought the experience of things, with the remaining potential in the form of seeds, taken possession of the eighth consciousness in the eighth consciousness. The last consciousness takes these seeds at the subconscious level, for me. In fact, these seeds are not before the beginning of the birth of a very non – destructive role. "Diamond Sutra" in the three most important words are: "the past can not be the heart, and now the heart can not be obtained, the future can not get the heart." This have been volatile, seventh to such a false thing for me, because my life from greed, hatred, ignorance and suspicion, slow troubles. At the end of the general scope of the subconscious, which itself is not artificial good and evil, but because it is clinging to the self, so become a source of all beings egoistic. At the end of the knowledge of what I am clinging to it? Is the last one alayavijnana. 8, general Araye Araye is fine, also known as the hidden knowledge, including Tibetan, Tibetan, can hold Tibetan Sanyi, is to place all the good and evil of seed..相关的主题文章: