What You Should Know About Drugs In Drinking Water-ssport

Health While authorities continue to insist that tap water is safe to drink, recent reports have shown that traces drugs are present in the water that we drink. The drugs in drinking water mix with the toxic by-products of drinking water treatment. The toxins and the anti-convulsions, antibiotics, mood stabilizers, hormones and other pharmaceutical drugs found in drinking water is a call for alarm as they poses serious risks to our health. This information has heightened the worry that most scientists have due to its long-term effect to human health. Since the .panies and government agencies that are responsible in providing the public with drinking water refuse to disclose results of pharmaceutical screenings, the public is left in doubt and confused about the important issues that they should know about the water that they drink. More than 56 kinds of drugs that .e from human as well as veterinary medications were recently discovered at the laboratory tests of the water samples sourced from the drinking water sources in United States. These drugs were used in treating and managing pain, infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, heart problems and mental illness. In southern California, traces of anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety medications were found. Metabolized angina medicine and mood-stabilizing drugs were found present at the Passaic Valley Water .mission drinking water treatment plant, which serves 850, 000 people in New Jersey. The concentration of drug contamination in various watersheds in the US is a lot worse in its urban areas. We must understand that the water that we use is not new. It is treated to be potable and safe to drink. The water that we use is actually recycled. Understandably, whatever it is that we mix in water is possible to .e back to us. The traces of drugs in drinking water is said to be brought by impartial absorption of prescription drugs. This means that the drugs taken by people are not .pletely absorbed by the body, and is therefore carried through the urine. With problematic sewerage system or failed septic tanks, the chemicals may reach deep into the soil level at which water is resourced. Although the water is cleaned, filtered and treated for microorganisms before being re-run into the faucets in the home, water treatment procedures are not designed to remove or separate the water from the traces of drugs that it potentially carries. Aside from partially digested medicines from humans, think about the wastes that pharmaceutical plants produce. Since these plants are essentially built near a body of water, it then mixes its toxic wastes into the sea and eventually to the watersheds. Since water is recycled or re-circulated and then treated to be potable, chemicals that .mon drugs or medicines contain may not be removed. You must understand that the world is already suffering from the consequences brought by pollution. This awareness calls for a solution that we can use to make sure that we take in pure water and not dirt and toxins in every gulp of water that we drink. Protect your family by ensuring that your drinking water is safe. Make use of a practical water treatment option that will provide your family with clean water. Although home water treatment systems do not .e cheap, they are most effective in managing and possibly eliminating the toxins and drugs found in drinking water. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: