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When she was 15 years old, she hugged him for the first time, and sent him away at the age of 89! We all want to have a hand to get married, but we live in an age when there is no bed on the bed. How many enemy but the temptation of a solemn pledge of love again, how much you can eventually become a mere scrap of paper or wedding vows. In this era of fast food, love seems to be a fast food. Hand in hand love for life less and less. This time Baoqiang Wang’s divorce is that many people have confused: 7 years of loving couples can beat two scattered, the world really have in hand is the love of his life? But the old couple, aged 187, told us that! The old man in the photo is Zhao Bingwan, 98 years old, his wife, Jiang Xilie, at the age of 89. My childhood family was poor, the mother died at the age of 9, a very hard day and then marry to grandma home. Grandma was 14 years old at that time, Grandpa was 23 years old. Then a hand accidentally white head. Love is you in trouble, I smile, so warm life. But this is one of more than long octogenarian couple abuse dogs than anyone. The older you have to wear a pair of lovers, holding the hands of a lifetime, but also pull enough? Good love will make people into a fool, the best love will make people into children. In the eyes of love, we are naive, naughty child. You sweep leaves spilled over and over? Heap a fat snowman? On a whim hit the snow fight? But more often is holding your hand slowly forward, the destination is not important, you were very good. The touching screen is South Korean director Chen Moying spent 15 months filming the documentary documentary told the two old people of 76 years of marriage, there is no idea that vulgar plot, no luxury baomaxiangche, but they live together bit by bit, but each frame is touching. Love is when you don’t know anything, but you are not alone. Two elderly people living alone in Gangwon? A small village in the city, a small stream in front of the house through the house, surrounded by a large tracts of fertile land, they raised two puppies, living alone in the countryside like a land of idyllic beauty. Daily life is you in trouble, I laugh; you make trouble, I accompany you. The 98 year old grandfather had not done what he shaking heaven and earth event, the biggest pride is a doting grandmother for decades as one day. Grandma grandpa foot attack, gently for her breath. An impromptu dance, just for a smile. To help grandma buckle, skilled action has long been a habit for decades. ? must gently touch grandma face before going to bed at once for decades, charming face also began to climb up the wrinkles.相关的主题文章: