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Would you consider using the travel sector Evernote? It won the 400 thousand euro seed round of financing interface Cheng Yingdi many travelers want to write a diary in a journey, but too lazy to collect photos or travel memories, because of the delay and Journi can help you settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, to solve these problems. Is regarded as "the tourism sector Evernote Journi was founded in 2015, August 24th announced the acquisition of Austria economic promotion Bank (AWS) of 400 thousand euros ($450 thousand and 600) seed round of financing, Journi is headquartered in Austria Vienna, the main product is a iOS and Android version of the journey App. Journi users can offline according to photos with location and text mentioned location automatic generation of travel, support people were writing, every visit to a country, a country can obtain the electronic stamp in the application, in addition, Journi also supports content sharing to social networks. According to techcrunch news, the end of the month will launch the "Journi explore feed" new features: public content and location based on user search released. At present, Journi is mainly active in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom market, in order to further open the international market, Journi said it will release a version of the 20 language. Journi co-founder and CEO Andreas Roettl said, Journi spent on marketing costs zero, but over the past two years to achieve an increase of 900%, and the registration is still growing. At present, Journi is free to take the road, the future is still free, but will dig App based digital and non digital services. At present, the domestic travel market China application, travel Raiders, travel class App more, such as where to go, Baidu’s where the Raiders, Baidu tourism, ant nest, poor travel, there are entrepreneurial companies small and beautiful products, bread travel, Amoy on the road, cicada travel team new balloon trip etc.. As early entry into the tourism community industry ant nest, its free App is the leader in the number of users, content, mafengwo from its inception to now has $one hundred million of financing, the current content, data have been upgraded to Raiders 2 edition, access to potential users through the Raiders, and then docking Global supply chain, the formation of the line to the line the trading platform. At present, Journi was still in the early stage of development to attract users, the future remains to be seen.相关的主题文章: