Your name Kamiki Ryunosuke Masami Nagasawa amid a burst of red

"Your name" Kamiki Ryunosuke Masami Nagasawa amid a burst of red Tencent entertainment news (text Erika) in Japan recently harvested super praise, red box office "new" your name ", tells the story of Tokyo’s male high school students Takizawa, clover and farmers, female high school students, in the dream exchange of soul, which launched unexpected story. Three voice this piece also great background, long seiyuu once was actor Kamiki Takano mediated many animated film vocals, three seiyuu is new generation actress on the white stone beginning sound, long predecessors okudera chaired by Masami Nagasawa. The three of them on the popularity of new works, is how to treat it? With the director of love to have the opportunity to participate in the Q: Makoto Shinkai director’s work, what is special about the mood? Shenmu Ryunosuke (hereinafter Shenmu): Director of the new "5 centimeters per second" and "leaf Zhiting" I saw it 20 times. (laughs) so I was really a fan of the director, so when I found my voice, it was unbelievable. The white stone beginning tone (following Bai Shi): after I took part in the selection before exposure to Xinhai director works. "5 centimeters per second" and "leaf" Zhiting, realistic background and animated characters perfectly rendered together. "There is such an animation," I feel very fresh and moving. Shenmu: true! The first time I met the director, I asked a lot of questions. For example, "second rate" of the first "cherry blossoms", "is it?" Yes, this line, in the end what kind of intention included, I did not expect the director to answer the question in particular, I did not think so much ah". Masami Nagasawa (hereinafter CHANGZE): in fact, I have not seen it before the Xinhai director works, but around a lot of people have special love him, so I am very want to participate in the work. Turned into a girl?! Q: two protagonists in the film in the soul exchange, so the need to deduce the opposite sex different feelings, in shaping the role of any attempt? Shenmu: dedicated to the director chatted, try not to too much to deal with the role of fire. The beginning of a recording of the play, is the exchange with the soul of the Three Gorges play, with the sound of the difference between the high and low showed a difference. After that, I felt like I was a girl. (laughs) white stone: what a lovely voice. Shenmu: when I speak not so rude…… Nagasawa: you really Shenmu in life is very gentle. Q: how is the white stone on the show? White stone: I was also the first scene is the soul swap, back to the three leaf, the director said to me, "behave again a little girl". Basically a girl to say, just add your own mood, to long voice because the male language a lot, so often in the car listening to male high school students to chat, but also with reference to the previous works of Shenmu Jun. Shenmu: I give the white stone recommended "there are eleventh people! In which my character is an ordinary high school student. I learned a lot! The change includes the tone and manner of speaking to Shenmu Jun. Use sound to shape a senior Q: the Roman temple predecessors in the film is a mature female role. Nagasawa: This is me.相关的主题文章: