Zhejiang, a hundred villagers just living in the new city was taken to change the planning of people exit safe mode

Zhejiang hundred villagers just live in new homes was demolished city planning man accused of tossing Sohu news CNR net Shaoxing on November 14th news (reporter Guan Xin) according to the China voice of "news" reports, as the saying goes, home to the music industry. But in Zhejiang city of Shaoxing Province under the jurisdiction of Shengzhou city streets Sanjiang new community one hundred villagers, want to live is not so easy. Five years ago, because of the local construction of multiple projects, five Lipu water village, three village, Banqiao Village a total of 1820 people, 695 villagers, to homestead placement form, the whole village relocation to its current location. In accordance with the uniform requirements of the government, the villagers self built resettlement housing, three villages merged into the village. Over the past few years, the villagers have built resettlement housing and moved into new homes, some families are limited by conditions, spend half life savings, early this year to build new homes. But in August of this year, new community villagers suddenly notice, that village has been included in the transformation of villages in the area, the villagers must be before the end of November flight just built new homes. Far from the neat and tidy village into the west side of the village of Shengzhou official River West, thought broke into a commercial villa group. Neat four story villa, transparent glass windows, spacious front courtyard, but the road and green has not been trimmed. Free and the villagers to a few words, you can hear all of the village included in the transformation of villages area complaints. The villagers said: "I have just built the house, only five years, how will it? The state has made us, and now we have to tear it down." He Xin Cun geographical location, the East is the Shengzhou International Exhibition Center, North Yang Gang Lu is through the Shengzhou City People’s Hospital and a bilingual school. Such a good city facilities, just placed here soon the village of the village, many have not come and enjoy. In August this year, many of the villagers were informed of the new village, they have just been placed near the region, will be carried out in urban village transformation. Some villagers said: "we live less than 10 months." Villagers also told reporters: I live in only four months. I feel very strange, why do we tear down the old house last year, just made a few months, how to dismantle?" He village where the land was included in the transformation of villages affected by the removal of the publicity card Chinese tie city logistics center, the new hospital, officer Road extension project, in recent years, the surrounding villagers have been relocated to the village and government unified position now. In accordance with the requirements of the government, the villagers removed their old house, in the area of government planning and self built resettlement housing. Villagers Xin Ming (a pseudonym) said that when building a new house, he and his father at the site for a whole year and a half. "Our new house took down the old house Yibailiuqishiwan, compensation Yibailingjiwan." Shengzhou is one of the country’s top 100 counties, where the rural conditions are relatively good. Thinking of building houses to live on for generations, the villagers under the original capital nature of his own house decoration. New homes near the municipal road of the villagers, the extra room to rent the land they lost, can also have a yiershiwan year income, no worries about food and clothing for the whole family, old and young gu. At present, every family decorated with village.相关的主题文章: